Monday, May 16, 2011

The ickies are finally leaving

I wrote about myself getting sick last week. As I was really starting to feel better, my poor little boy got it! Friday night he went to sleep as usual but an hour later woke up saying he had to go to the bathroom. We went in and as soon as we touched him we knew he had a high fever. It was pretty high, so we gave him some children's fever medicine and some water.

But then he said his tummy hurt and he kept holding it. And I just knew he might be feeling how I did a few days earlier so I rushed him into the bathroom. It's a good thing I did because he threw up(sorry, I know it's gross to read suddenly!). But just once. So while my sickness was worse in that sense, his was worse in the fever sense. His fever went up and down all night into the next day. Saturday he ate a decent amount of food without problems. But then at night after he fell asleep, his fever went up again and he woke up uncomfortable. It took a couple hours that time to get him to fall back asleep! But when I checked on him later, his body felt cool and it stayed that way into Sunday. But unfortunately Sunday morning, he drank some milk and it didn't stay down. But the food the rest of the day did. And he was energetic and happy until he went to bed, so I hope that means he is really getting better now.

I found these cute printables for sale on Etsy to make a get well kit. I will have to keep them in mind for the next time someone gets sick!

I wrote about a baby shower me, my sister, and others had put together in the beginning of April, and my cousin had her baby last Tuesday! As I wrote a little mention about already. We still can't wait to meet him! Baby Elijah. I really wanted to be at the hospital after he was born and be more involved. Sad. But hopefully soon we will see him.


Angela said...

Poor Kavi :( I hope it is all gone now and he gets back to his happy little self. Hope you are 100% recovered too from being the patient and the doctor.

beka said...

awww i hate when the whole family gets sick. january was horrible for us in that way. :P

congrats to your cousin!! :) exciting:)

thestoryofkat said...

aw, i hope you guys feel better...i just seem to have picked up what my husband had over the weekend and am not too thrilled with the gift!