Friday, August 27, 2010

Exercise bike, take 2

Over a week ago I mentioned us getting a new exercise bike. Well, within 2 days we were unhappy with it. The seat was really hard, the easiest tension setting felt too hard, it started making a squeaking noise, and something was weird with the frame. We were disappointed after being excited about this new bike, and we decided to return it.

We finally had a chance to go to Sears on Wednesday night and sit on bikes that were on display. We found one that we both really liked but it was more $ than the one we returned. But it had a very cushy seat, nice tension settings, a heart rate reader, plus pre-programmed workout settings. We went home to ponder.

We decided by Thursday that we wanted to buy it! So my husband went and got it and brought it home, we set it up, and tested it out. And we love it! I think the increase in price(about $90 more) was well worth all the pluses of this bike. I look forward to using it and not having a sore bum afterward. :P

It looks like this:

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Angela said...

Yes! The seat is the most important feature- right? We got one with a seat that looks like a chair with a cushy back on it- so we can relax while we ride- that is how lazy we are! Ours came from Wal-Mart and we have been very happy with it.