Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Dresses

I just wanted to feature a lot of fun and pretty vintage dresses today.
Here's the best part: they range in price from $18 to $35! That's right, nothing over $35.
Click the pictures to visit their Etsy listings.








Nen said...

i think i say this every time you post about clothes... but i wish i could wear those!! so cute!!!

Melissa said...

Wow, love 'em all, especially the plaid!

Chana said...

Oh dear...
looks like I'll be tranfering some cash to my paypal today!! I love when you do posts like this!

Angela said...

I love the first dress! I have been wanting a vintage dress but when I find one I like, my waist is always too big! :0 Did those girls eat "back in the day"?

freshlychopped said...

i love them all, but that first dress has put some serious drool on my face! : )

Anonymous said...

i love and want all them dresses! especially the first one!- Rachel R