Monday, August 23, 2010

HGTV Design Star

I'm not sure if anyone else watched this summer's HGTV Design Star. The finale was last night! The woman above is Emily Henderson, the winner! I think she is a cute gal. I have liked a lot of her clothing choices while on the show. She wore a lot of blue. There was a blouse she was wearing on yesterday's episode that I love but I couldn't find pictures of her wearing it online. She has a blog: The brass petal.

Emily Henderson HGTV Design Star Winner

Below are some of her designs. You can also click here to see more of her design portfolio.


Emily Henderson HGTV Design Star

And I wanted to say hi to new followers of the blog! I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy and stick around!


considerthelillies said...

I love this post Stina! We were all glad she won and we loved her style and I especially love the room with the blue and white fabric wall and the green couch! It made me want to do that!

Anonymous said...

I love her! I'm so glad she won! I also love Arti that won the next food network star! So glad two cuties that I like won! -Rachel R

Anonymous said...

yeaaaah!!! i loved her clothes too!!! and the shoes she was wearing at the finale, the brown oxford heels, i almost bought at tj maxx. Well, they were a little less high but the same idea, but i didnt think id have the right wardrobe to wear them with. Plus they were more than i was willing to pay :) -Jenny f

Fallon said...

She was my favorite from the start, glad she won =) I agree she is adorable!

Angela said...

I watch it every year. I started watching this year but then there was the whole town switching to digital and the Tivo would not work- so I ended up missing most of it! I plan to go back in the Fall and watch it online.

freshlychopped said...

so wanted her to win and loved her outfits too! i really related to her wardrobe and design aesthetic - which was something new for me on design shows. thanks for sharing her blog - off to check it out : )