Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing else break!

I am having laptop problems! It started Friday. I am on our PC right now, but I already miss the convenience of the laptop. I know I can live without it for now, but I hope not for really long. So far it doesn't seem fixable. It's a possible internal injury, due to being slid off the couch by my son a couple times. First, I had problems with the cooling fan inside the laptop after it fell over once. Now it's just worse! Freezing up and turning off suddenly. It's hard keeping certain breakable electronics out of a little one's hands no matter how hard you try sometimes! Eeks. My husband is an IT guy and knows a whole lot about computers, and if he can't seem to keep it working, I feel like there is no hope for it!

I am still doing the Couch to 5K plan!! Well, I am redoing week two. I missed one day of doing the plan last week (due to womanly issues), so I felt I needed to do week two again. Each week you add time to the amount of jogging you do. It's not easy! For a reminder of what the plan is all about, read here and scroll down to the plan they have at that page:
The Couch-to-5K

Another broken thing in the house is my exercise bike. That's not good. The pedal was breaking off, then my husband kind of repaired it and it lasted for months. Yesterday it broke just as I was starting to pedal it. Most of the other added parts to the bike broke awhile ago. No tension belt, no digital time/distance/calorie counter. At least I could move the pedals, until now!

Why not just go out and buy a new laptop or exercise bike you might wonder? Well, it's not so easy for me and my husband to just make purchases like that. Even if I might be more inclined to really really want to do that, my husband is a saver and researches a lot before spending money on anything that's not a usual purchase. We will see what happens. I already looked at craigslist.org for a new one. I got my current one on there for $10 or $15, years ago. hehe. I'm a bargain shopper!! Paying full price for expensive things makes my stomach feel weird.

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Christopher And Tia said...

Thats so awesome that you're sticking to your C25k. And we wouldn't just go out and buy a new one of anything either. We don't use credit cards (ok we use one, like once a year), so big purchases like that take a lot of planning. Bargain shoppers unite!