Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I am up to

Here's some of the mess involved when I make new jewelry items! I still have to clean it up, and that picture is from last night. There is a piece of toy mixed in. I also bought a cute ice cream bowl at Michael's yesterday, they are only 1.99 and ceramic. It's there on the table, green on the outside, ivory inside. It's so cute but this picture doesn't really show it. I thought it might be a cute prop in pictures. Kavi had just come over when I was taking the picture.

I mentioned recently about things that have been breaking around here like my laptop and exercise bike. But I am pleased to announce we ordered a new exercise bike! It was on sale and had good reviews from JcPenney.

Goodbye soon, my craigslist purchased bike! It has lasted me over 3 years for $10-15(I can't even remember exactly). I know that I bought it many months before I was pregnant with Kavi and he will be 3 in February, so I have had it awhile.
Goodbye taped up pedal, broken tension belt, broken digital tracker, and loud fan noise.
Can't wait to receive our quiet, functioning bike soon!!


Chana said...

Your table looks like heaven to me! Gottan love the good old E6000! Good luck with your nre bike!

Nancy (Jesse and Sophia's grandma) said...

Your table actually looks neat and organized compared to mine when I am making jewelry(and even when I am not).

Melissa said...

I bought the same ice cream bowls last week!

considerthelillies said...

looks orderly to me also! the new bike will be funnnn!

Angela said...

Yay!!! Glad you are getting a new bike and can't wait to see the new jewelry!