Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Success

I just wanted to share a couple pictures from Thanksgiving! The day was wonderful. Our weather was really nice, a little cool outside. Much better than being warm on Thanksgiving like some years down here. We set up a table outside in our front porch (screened in). It was very nice. Today is even more chilly!

My family is visiting from Alabama, and we also had my cousin, her husband and daughter over. It was fun as usual!

I am not even tired of turkey yet. I think because there are so many things to eat on Thanksgiving, I don't get as much turkey as I wanted to. So today I am planning to snack on turkey again.

My first turkey cooking went successfully! What a relief. Here's my turkey, sorry it's still in the bag for this picture! I forgot to take a pic of it unbagged before it got carved.
Me next to my dad at the head of table, for the picture
Everyone that was here for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, except me taking me the picture

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Christopher And Tia said...

Aww, it looks like you had a full table! And thats so neat that y'all got to eat outside in a screened in area. I didn't eat much turkey on Thanksgiving either, I dove face first into the homemade green bean casserole (cream of mushroom from scratch and everything). The leftovers were amazing, haha.