Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have calmed down a little but I found out around 4 pm that I had been on the front page of Etsy earlier in the day!! I checked my email to find a conversation from a fellow Etsian that said congrats on being on the front page. I thought "what?!?!?!?! When??? WOWWWW!!" and got ecstatic!! The newly listed cardinal pillow(listed last night) made it to the front page. My first time!

The funny thing is that I think adding "celadon" to the tags for the item definitely helped. How funny!! And amazing! And that pillow sold. :) If you look at tags or titles of other green items in this list, they had celadon as well!


teri said...

fRONT pAGE - hope it brings you looks of views and sales!!!

Angela said...

That is fantastic!!

One of my other blog friends was on the front page yesterday too!

I am still a front page virgin :(

teri said...

Ha HA Angela
FP Virgin
i too must be on that list ...

Christina said...

Thanks Teri! :)
Angela, thanks! Your turn will come too! I hope very very soon!! :D