Saturday, November 14, 2009

40 days until Christmas! Holiday plans.

Yes you read that right! Wow! That doesn't sound very far away at all. I am already getting excited for Christmas. I want this season to feel extra special and hope to do some fun things with Kavi. I want to be out and about in activities during the season so I hope we find fun(and free) things to do. We will be going to my parents' house in Alabama for Christmas.

It's my first time ever to travel to another state, or more than 30 mins away, for Christmas! So it's exciting. Growing up I always heard friends say we are going to my grandma's (or whoever's) for Christmas. I never had to say that, but now I do! I am going to my parent's house in Alabama for Christmas. It's fun but also a little sad since they are far away now. My family has had Christmas in Florida since 1984! My parents also, even though they moved. Last year they all came back down here for Christmas at our house. That means most of our Christmas holidays were not cold. I don't like an 80 degree Christmas or even a 75 degree Christmas! Please, at least 60 and lower would be better. But those were far and few between.

My family is coming here for Thanksgiving which is less than 2 weeks away now! It will be the first time I host Thanksgiving at my house which is going to be fun, but I really really don't want to ruin the turkey. I have never cooked a turkey! Why would I have when mommy always did it? :P Now I have to be a real grown up. Ack!!