Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My day

So I'm pretty busy today as I am sure most people are! Last night I baked a pie called Mystery Pecan Pie, a Paula Deen recipe. A friend of ours made it not long ago so I got to taste it. It's so good! Looks like a regular pecan pie from the top. But the mystery part is that inside is cheesecake!!
Here's my pie:
If you would like the recipe:

I'm also cooking the turkey already today. It's in the oven now! This was my first time getting a turkey ready for baking. It's not the most pleasant thing, right? haha. Yuck! Some turkey juice got flung into my face as I was trying to pull here and there at it. I am praying it cooks well and is tasty!

My family arrives later in the evening for the weekend! yay! This time they are all coming. My nana, parents, sister and sister-like friend. All are staying here at our humble 2 bedroom abode. Somehow we manage for everyone to have a sleeping area!


Renee[Q][C] said...

That pie sounds delish!

Angela said...

I almost licked my monitor.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Angela said...


I just posted the swap partners if you want to go see.