Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday!

Last week I wasn't prepared and didn't participate, but wanted to again today! I still wasn't prepared but I have a picture I can use now. Inspired by Christopher and Tia's blog.

This is from November 2001(or 2002? I think 2001), 8 years ago!
Left to right: me, my sister, our good friend, and a friend (who we never see, she lived in a different city).
We were visiting Cleveland, TN(a little north of Chattanooga) to visit our friend Lisa. She had moved away to college up there a couple years before and we went about 3 years in row to visit, the 3rd time being for her wedding! :) We were all bridesmaids, that was the year after this visit I believe.

My thoughts on this picture:
This is when me and a lot of my friends liked wearing a lot of black and tried to look more rock and roll(hehe). My hair was black as well. Rachel, the friend with red dyed hair, hates the way her hair looks in this picture. My sister and her also said "what's up with the lipstick", because darker lipstich was in style then I guess and they hate the way it looks on them in this picture haha.

Me, my sis, and Rachel were having a blast because of being in FALL weather. Coming from FL, where we don't really get to experience much of it. We were loving wearing scarves and gloves.

We were in Panera maybe, a cozy place in the downtown area.


Nen said...

oh my goodness... this is how I remember you 3... from WAY back... even though I think I only ever saw you at Cstone once or twice.. and then once when I went to FL... this makes me think of that!

Christina said...

Devon yeah! That is funny. Can you believe so many years have passed? :)

Christopher And Tia said...

YAY. Great picture. It makes me miss my friends.

Crafty Mama said...

Road trips with the girls are always fun. And yeah, who wears scarves in FL?