Thursday, November 19, 2009


I hope me sharing these things aren't annoying, because they excite me! :) I felt like I hadn't been in many treasuries for awhile. Recently I finally seem to be in some again! Yesterday I checked and found my pillow shop in two new treasuries!

This one is such a pretty red and soft green treasury! It's called "h o l l y". I think it is front page worthy but with so many options to put on the front page, we will just have to wait and see what happens! My tree pillow is featured. You can click the image to visit the actual treasury.

Then there is also this adorable plaid treasury that a pillow is in! Called "Playful Plaid". I love plaid, and this one is also very Christmassy.
Ok and here is something that is funny to me. I didn't even start visiting until very recently. I didn't KNOW you can go there and find out easily if you are in a treasury!!! If you are like me, and you didn't know that, now you know!! The treasure hunt feature is a time saver, and awesome. As well as the treasury clock! Though I haven't been on Etsy at the right time to make a treasury in quite awhile.

Coming up is a feature of pretty vintage coats!

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