Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coffee recipes book!

I was given a cute recipe book recently by a friend(Nancy). It contains coffee and espresso recipes!! And not just recipes for drinks but also for sweets!
I haven't tried any recipes yet but I really want to soon! Look at these delicious examples.
If I do try some soon, I will share them on the blog of course! Fellow bloggers, isn't it funny how everything turns into a blog opportunity? A Blogortunity? Yes I had to be dorky and say that. I had taken pictures of lemon poopy seed muffins once after baking them, to put on the blog. But I forgot about them! I'm pretty sure I've done that more than once. But you need those pictures, just in case! (haha...)

I have noticed the adorable google search homepage the past week. It's been Sesame Street themed! But why does Sesame Street get so many days as google's decor? I like it, but still - why so many days? I find it funny but cute. Today's image:
I need to work on getting to bed earlier at night! I'm a night owl. That doesn't really mix well with motherhood! I am a tired mother these days. And Kavi has been testing limits more and more often. I want to be a good and fun mom but also a good disciplinarian because I don't want him causing a ruckus while we are out and about. He is a good little boy most of the time, but you know, the normal phase of testing has been going on! He is 21 months old, not much longer until two!!


SewSweetStitches said...

Blogortunity! I love it!
And yeah, I'm totally with you on that. Every little thing that pops into my head turns into blog copy, and I start mentally writing it then and there!

Anonymous said...

Yay Blogortunity, yay!