Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Pillows, finally.

I finally made some Christmas items for my shop and listed them. Only two so far they are!
I am still working on my crafty table/area in the "back room" and it's taking me forever. Mostly because I keep stopping in the middle of working on it. Here's a peak at what's been going on back there. *Unfortunately the coloring in the pictures didn't turn out well*, but you can get the idea!
I used extra fabrics that I had for these hoops. I love the apples fabric. Then there's the bicycle fabric again(was in the tree pillow above). And then the other three hoops are fun, retro inspired, sewing themed fabric by Alexander Henry.

I also wanted to mention a lovely smell wafting through the air in my house. For my birthday last month I received a lot of candles from Bath and Body Works. I love them!! In my collection is now: Fresh Balsam, Fireside, Leaves, Pumpkin Patch, and Winter.

Fresh Balsam has become my favorite, followed second by Pumpkin Patch. Though I love them all! You need to buy Fresh Balsam (or ALL of them) when they are on sale. The smaller size had been on sale for $5. The scent is refreshing, especially in Florida where it's still humid outside a lot of the days. Even hours after it's been blown out, I smell it here and there in the air. Like when the a/c turns on (yeahhh remember, Florida), and blows towards the candle, the scent starts making it's way around again. *Sniffffff*, so nice!


considerthelillies said...

I love love love those pillows!!!!!And you know I love those candles too!!

Christina said...

my font size got messed up somewhere! will try fixing...