Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So much to share. Disney Photos!

Monday was so fun at Disney! We went to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. This is kind of a photo loaded post! I tried to make the sizes smaller so it wouldn't take forever to load. Hope it worked! You can click pictures to see a bigger size.

Monday, Oct 26th - my 29th Birthday and DISNEY day!
We planned to leave the house at 7:30am. It's about a 2 hour drive for us. The alarm went off at 6am, 30 minutes before I planned on getting up! So I hit snooze twice, and then turned it off. I got paranoid about oversleeping but I figured my husband wouldn't sleep much longer either. I fell asleep and opened my eyes at around 7:15am, oops! :P So we left the house around 8:10am. Not that big of a deal, because I found out the Magic Kingdom would be open until 9pm Monday night! So we would still have plenty of time.

(The gate, yipee!)
We reached inside the actual park around 11:30am. (After parking, ticket booth, and ferry boat to actual entrance). I was so excited! My husband had never been. And I hadn't been in ten years! And I was curious to see how Kavi would react. He was in awe, happy, and sometimes overwhelmed. It was very fun though.
He LOVED meeting Mickey and Minnie. That was the first thing we did when we entered the park. We headed towards "Toontown" where little kiddies can play and meet the mouse! We had to wait in a line for about 20 minutes. Kavi is a shy kid sometimes so we hoped he wouldn't be afraid of Mickey. Boy, he wasn't! Below he is shaking Minnie's hand, he also gave her a high five.
He really loved Minnie. Minnie had given him a nose kiss, and then he kissed her nose on his own like ten times!! He just stared at her in between kisses! So cute haha. I'm giggling just reliving it in my mind (he's almost 21 months old now). He was so calm and content with Mickey and Minnie.

After that we ate some lunch at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe! Lots of choices, not high prices, and a cute futuristic atmosphere. After lunch we headed to Fantasyland where rides like It's a Small World, Peter Pan's Flight, Mad Tea Party and many more are! It's so sweet to take your husband and child on a ride that is so classic, for their first time.
(On It's a Small World)
I got a cute Happy Birthday pin from Disney at the ticket booth since it was my birthday! They wrote my name on it too. You can see it in this picture above.
Some shots of the ride, hard to get clear photos with my camera because it's so dark inside.
The Taj Mahal! Love this one.
Just other cute sectionsWe went on various rides during the day through all the areas of the park. The longest line was for Peter Pan's Flight, an adorable ride. But we waited 45 minutes, ugh! And it was hot outside. Yes this is Florida for you, hot at the end of October! We were so sweaty and gross all day.
Kavi getting tired in the afternoon, I look tired already too. So what does one do with their stroller while going on all these rides? Well there are actualy stroller parking areas! I got a kick out of it. You can believe the amount of strollers parked in rows. And it's just a system of trust. You leave it for however long, and you just go back and get it. There are areas to park your stroller everywhere! People left their drinks and such on the stroller and left it. I was worried at first but our stroller was a lot less desirable looking than many others haha. So I doubted anyone would take it! Here is one of many stroller parking areas! Other areas had even more strollers.
(after a full day of sweating + my glasses I use for distance sometimes)
In case some people want to know what rides we went on with a toddler...if I remember them all:
Small World(twice)
Peter Pan's Flight(twice)
Snow White's Scary Adventures
Buzz Lightyear(3 times so FUN)
Pirates of the Caribbean(twice)
Spinning tea cups AKA Mad Tea Party
Carousel of Progress
Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Kavi and hubby went on the Jungle Cruise - I had to leave the line for a bathroom break so they went without me. I went to the Enchanted Tiki Room animatronic bird show while they were on the boat ride.
We went to Toontown looked through Mickey and Minnie's houses. We watched some of a parade and fireworks also.

The castle was lit in different colors after dark. Hard to get a good shot but this was the best one I think!
Because I wore my birthday pin, lots of Disney staff said happy birthday to me as well as a few non-staff strangers! It was fun, I have to say! :) Makes your day feel even more magical! They even embarrassingly sang to me at the cafe we ate at and banged metal around. eeeeks! :P We left the park around 9:10pm. The fireworks started at 9pm, even though that is when the park "closes" but you can stay inside I guess for a bit. We watched most of it but near the middle of the show I thought we better start heading towards to exit. Thousands and thousands of people were crowding the streets watching the fireworks and I didn't want to be caught in that when everyone started leaving at the same time! So we beat the massive crowd out.

It was a magical, blessed day. When we walked out of the exit I felt a little teary eyed. It was a sweet feeling having my birthday and my husband and little boy experiencing the day in such a fun way! So much goodness.


Angela said...

That DOES sound magical! I love how the castle looks at night...and how cute is it with Kavi giving Minnie nose kisses! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Christopher And Tia said...

yayyyy!! I loved looking at your pictures. What a fun day! And seriously, the stroller parking = awesome! I hate it when we take our stroller places, and then end up wishing we wouldn't have brought it because we have nowhere to park it.

next time take me with you :)

Christina said...

Thanks Angela! :)
Tia-Sure come next time haha!

Cancha-diction said...

disney IS the happiest and most magical place on Earth. I was there over spring break and didn't want to leave. i love your photos, especially in it's a small world! i told my friends I wanted to build my bedroom right next to that gorgeously lit ferris wheel!