Thursday, October 22, 2009


My birthday is actually this Monday, the 26th, but when I visited my family we had the cake early with them since they won't be here on my birthday. Thanks for the wishes! :D

Monday we are going to DISNEY-Magic Kingdom! And that makes me very excited. Did you know that this whole year, you could go for free on your actual birthday? So I'm going for free, Kavi is free for being under 3, and we will just pay for my husband. He has never been, Kavi of course has never been, and I haven't been in 10 years! And I live only about two hours away. I am like a kid when it comes to Disney.

I thought I would share more of my birthday loot because many items came from Etsy!! My sister, parents, and friend were kind enough to purchase some items off of my favorites list for me.
Pumpkin Spice Soap; Matryoshka Dolls; Tags; Acorn Earrings; Mugs

My husband told me yesterday that he ordered something for me and it should be arriving any day. That is very exciting to me!! I don't usually have gifts ordered for me, from him. I usually just pick out gifts while I am with him and we buy it then and there. I am excited to see what it will be.


considerthelillies said...

cool stuff, Stina! love you and miss you!

Christopher And Tia said...

Those acorn earrings are totally cute.

Thats some good loot, hehe.

Angela said...

I love it when I get things off my favorites list!!