Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mama Mia

We had our Sunday french toast a little while ago. Mmmm. Still doing that on Sundays!

Today we are going out to lunch with a couple friends for my birthday(which is tomorrow). It's a nice birthday weekend!

Last night the Ethnic festival was kind of a bummer. It's held on the grounds of a Catholic church every year. When we arrived at the fest we wanted to eat something. The food is always under a tent, with entertainment on stage. When we first were inside the tent someone was singing on stage, so loud, so so loud. We couldn't talk easily over the noise and it was definitely geared towards older people. After she was done, an elderly group was next who performed line dancing to ABBA songs. Yep. Pretty funny. And each performace lasted only about 60 seconds.

They didn't have empanadas which is what I really wanted to eat there. We didn't plan on going on any rides so we just walked around for awhile. I am not used to being around so many teenagers at one place haha. I feel older now after last night. :P

I did score in a rummage sale they were having inside a part of the building. I bought a leaf pin/brooch for $1. There were a few other I really wanted to buy but I only bought the one. It's pretty!

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Angela said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!