Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashionable Friday :TV/Movie Inspiration

I wanted to share some fun fashion inspiration influenced by TV and Movies.

First: Gilmore Girls! I loved that show so much. I miss it! Once in awhile I catch a rerun and still find it so entertaining. While there was drama, there was also a lot of cute and quirky comedy. Lines I will never forget. If you watched it, you'll know about Kirk. Good ol' Kirk. Without him the show wouldn't have been the same!

But moving on to the fashion aspect now. Me, my mom, sis and friends always admired their wardrobe but also wondered how did they afford those clothes? But anyway, I found their style influential for me even if I couldn't really emulate it. And their love(or obsession!) of coffee was always entertaining!

I have fun on Polyvore sometimes creating looks. But today I am sharing looks created by others. I simply did a search and found such fun creations!

Gilmore Girls Inspired Fashion
Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls by Radar Love featuring Seven For All Mankind jeans

A movie with fashion that I found adorable was Penelope. I just love that movie. When she had the pig nose, I didn't think she was ugly. Me and a friend recently talked about it(yes we actually discussed her nose!) and agreed that when her nose was made small and normal again, she just looked weird! We missed the pig nose, a sentiment shared in the movie by some characters! She pulled it off so well. Her eyes were the main focus.

Penelope Inspired Fashion


Renee[Q][C] said...

Wow! You were so right! Penelope and Gilmore Girls were awesome style wise!!

considerthelillies said...

bee-yoo-ti-ful looks! And you know that I know how great GG is and Penelope!