Sunday, October 18, 2009

Presents + Pumpkin Patch

Let the presents begin! My birthday is the 26th, and last night my sister gave me one of my gifts already. These leaf earrings that were on my favorites list on etsy! So happy I got them. And they arrived while I was visiting up here so I can wear them during the chilly fall weekend! I have them on right now. ;)
Maple Sugar - Earrings 7.50 + Free Shipping!!

We are all in the midst of getting ready for the day. It's the central time zone here so I always feel a little off time-wise. We are heading to a pumpkin patch where there will also be other cute things for Kavi to see and play with. Yesterday was a pretty cold day. We went to a little fall festival and had fun despite cold noses and cloudy skies! Today is slightly less cold and the sun is out so that will help. Kavi looks so cute bundled in a coat and gloves.

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Florida. So I'll be posting again sometime around Tuesday!

Have a nice Sunday!

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