Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Treasury

I made a vintage treasury a few days ago that I could share here on Vintage Thursday! I didn't have an exact theme. I love the ship bookends. I think all the items compliment each other color-wise. You can click this image to get to the actual treasury.

When I was visiting Alabama a couple of weeks ago, we went to two very cute antique shops in a nearby town. I bought a couple things that I need to share, which reminds me, I forgot where I put one of the items after unpacking! And it's a cute mug, oh no! I must find it! :)

In one shop I bought some old fabric quilt pieces and a really cute bird couple Christmas stocking hanger(the kind you put at the edge of a fireplace, or shelf). I also bought a coffee mug. I should take pictures! In one store I was so tempted to buy ship bookends that were $12. I didn't end up buying them because I had already bought other items and wasn't letting myself spend a lot more money. I had no idea if that price was too high or a good deal. I am sad that I left those behind, but one day I will have ship bookends!


Rayleaf said...

Personally, I would have sprung for the $12... I mean, you really wanted it... and you deserve it!! If it were $14 then I would've said NO WAY... but $12... you could've done it.
Just sayin'
Love you.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Wonderful collection! Those blue chairs are gorgeous!!!!

Melissa said...

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