Sunday, July 11, 2010

More pictures from Alabama

I thought I'd share more snippets from our trip to Alabama. We really did so much on this trip. Some of the things we had wanted to do for awhile but didn't get a chance to on past trips. I only shared pictures from two or three things while I was away. I had to go and see what I blogged about because I couldn't remember what I shared or didn't!

There is an adorable play area in downtown Gadsden, AL called Imagination Place. They call it a Children's Museum, but it's a purely hands on area. You have to pay to go in, but I believe it benefits the next door cultural center for arts and museum, which are good things to support. And it's such a cute indoor play area, set up like a mini town. There is a grocery store, bank, office area, playhouse, digging area, dress up clothes, and more. We spent a solid hour there and Kavi would have wanted to stay much longer I am sure. Picture of various areas in the play center:

The cutest mailman ever.

I have even more pictures from there. We took tons of pictures on the trip, almost every day! lol
Since I already posted a bazillion pictures, I will just post a couple more with highlights from the rest of the trip.
With our friends' daughter

I know some of you also read my mother's blog, so some pictures might look familiar! No, you aren't having deja vu! :) I shared pictures from our visit to Cheaha State park recently too, so if you missed those, click here if you want to see the pretty mountainy pictures!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh my gosh, cute picture overload!! The Imagination Place looks AAAAHHHHMAZING. I bet he had so much fun. I know my kids would go crazy there. And it looks like there was hardly anybody there. Where WAS everybody??