Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning...(a long one!)

I have been cleaning and cleaning and organizing lots around the house over the past couple of days. We have people coming to our house today, that's why. I always need people to come to the house to actually make myself clean it better! I do not enjoy cleaning. I guess most people don't! There is always something I don't accomplish though. Be it a scattered toy or single shoe accidentally not put away. Or pool floaties. I make last minute scrambles.

I would like to discuss all the details of what is going on with our house on the blog, it has been going on since I was pregnant, argh. But it's not something I think I should talk about publicly much because of legal issues. We are hoping and praying it will be all done with by the end of this year, but who knows if it really will be. The non-detailed version is that our house tested positive for sinkhole activity a couple years ago, we have had grout pumped under our house(courtesy of our home insurance), little cracks repaired around the house, and this whole issue is still going on and feels like it never is going to end. Once it's all over, I will feel like I can talk more freely about everything we have been going through with it.

For those who are new to reading here or aren't new but just didn't know...before I started this blog I had a more personal blog about life in general that I wrote on for a few years. I decided I wanted to instead have a blog with a mix of life and of fashion ideas, Etsy stuff, etc because I find it more fun. But I do love reading a variety of blogs from handmade feature blogs, to family/mommy blogs, to any blog that keeps me wanting to read more!

Our son had hypospadia surgery at just under 8 months old, not too major, but still hard to go through. I wrote about it at the other blog back then. Also he needed an MRI at 11 months old because the doctor thought his head size could be a problem(thankfully his tests were fine) even though he didn't look like a giant headed baby to me. But it's those measurements they take, ya know.

Oohh the first post after his birth! Back before that, I wrote about my pregnancy. And before that, about new married life and life in general. I haven't talked here about the issues we had at the beginning of our marriage with my husband's family's hesitance to it all. (hesitance is putting it lightly) And things about my husband's new life in the US, immigration and green card process, etc. This post celebrates his second job here in the US. (he's now on his 3rd job here and doesn't have the dreadful commute anymore! yay!)

I was more open with my views and wrote about whatever I felt like. I didn't do much to attract readers and didn't read many blogs so I only had a couple faithful commenters haha. It's neat to be able to look back and read things I didn't even remember writing!! I know people aren't going to go through and click all these links I posted within my sentences, but if something catches your eye, click!

After having that kind of blog for years, I instead wanted to have the kind of blog I have now. But I can still mix in some personal stories here along with all the making stuff! :) I hope people enjoy visiting here. I love all the connections I have made with fellow moms, crafters, and inspirational people.


beka said...

I like how your blog has morphed into a lovely mixture of everything you enjoy:)
Family, making stuff, ;)

geschichtenvonkat said...

ha, people coming over is one of the few things that gets me to do deep cleaning too!

i struggle sometimes with knowing how much to post about personal stuff...i feel so comfortable with the other blogger friends i have made and yet putting it all out there for anyone to see is of course a worry. i used to have a livejournal and stopped because of that but i do like the same balance you have found of mixing in some personal stuff amongst all the creative stuff! :)

phew...didn't realize i just wrote a novel, ha!