Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outfit Challenge

I submitted a bathing suit outfit that was used in the "A Day at the Beach" fashion challenge at Lillyella.

Here is mine, outfit #1:
I chose the bathing suit based on it being a one piece, a pretty color, and it being plus size. I wanted some curves represented! (The model doesn't look very big to me though, just curvy. That's how it is for so many "plus size" models it seems.) The price is too high for what I would actually spend, but I picked it anyway for fun.

I also wanted vintage style sunglasses to go along with the vintage style bathing suit. Then you need some matching sandals that are more substantial than flip flips, and finally a cover up for walking around. If it were MY day at the beach, swimming shorts or jean shorts over the bathing suit would be a must! I don't wear just a bathing suit heh.

There are many other great submissions too. You can check them all out here.

Then you can go vote here for your favorite!


geschichtenvonkat said...

you're so good at putting these outfits together—need to hire to as my stylist ;)

Melissa said...

Those are my absolute favorite sandals! The Bass Margie is the most comfortable summer shoe ever.