Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update on losing weight

I have stuck with it decently over the past couple weeks. I am down a few pounds from when I started about 3 weeks ago! I could try harder though. I ate very badly last Friday!! Then had some extra sweets over the weekend. I am not anti-sweets but I just need to make better decision about how much of a sweet thing I eat.

Isn't this such a simple sounding concept?:
Eat healthier + move more= lose weight.
(unless there is a medical or other reason you cannot lose weight that way, but I mean in general) Yet it's so hard to accomplish, right? hehe I am on the right road now and need to stay on it.

I think looking at the really cute outfits on flickr, like I posted yesterday, help me with the inspiration to lose weight.

And I couldn't resist adding another weight loss "cartoon":


considerthelillies said...

i'd settle for the BEFORE too!!

Angela said...

It is so hard...but you can do it!!