Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to lose it

I talked not long ago about starting to try to lose weight again. So here's an update. I am doing ok. I have been eating better and started exercising! I could be doing better. I still add in extra bites of things that I don't need! But, I feel motivated, and am happy about it. My goal is to exercise at least 5 times a week. Right now it's mostly on the stationary bike that I have. It's an old one. I bought it through Craigslist a few years ago - for $15 or was it $10? It's kinda crappy. But it worked for me last time I was trying to lose weight! I can't even tighten the tension on the bike, the tension thing is broken. hah.

It had a cool digital thing to track mph, distance, time on bike, and estimated calories burned. It had that until Kavi yanked the digital box open. I think a wire got disconnected somewhere. It turns on, but doesn't track any info. And as for calories burned, there was no way to enter your weight so I always wondered where it came up with it's figures. Anyway, I still use it even though it also hurts my butt to sit on it after 15-20 minutes. Hard seat!

I am also going to add in some muscle toning exercise and will reduce my calories a little more. I don't go for fad diets or extremes when losing weight. I like slow and steady, nothing very drastic. I will basically use the methods I used before, just a little more wholeheartedly this time.

I will update from time to time about this. It's a way to be accountable, knowing that other people read that I said I was trying again- so I better do it!!


Angela said...

Love the cartoons!!

You go for it!!! I am eating much better but can not motivate my lazy butt to exercise.

Christopher And Tia said...

Go girl!!

The first time that I ever lost weight (about 50 pounds, back when I was 19) was by doing an hour on a ghetto 80's stairmaster in my bedroom every day. Every, single, day. It was horrible, but I didn't have anything better, and I was SERIOUS about dropping the pounds.

I understand having poor equiptment to work with, haha.

I'm lucky now, having access to a top of the line military gym (for free, woo!), but there are still days when I miss my crappy stairmaster, haha.

Slow and steady is the best way, I think. Can't wait to see how you do!! I know you'll rock it.