Wednesday, February 17, 2010

India Trip Planning

We finally bought our flight tickets for visiting India. We are leaving March 24th and arriving back on April 13th. That is almost 3 weeks, a pretty long time! Our purpose for going is visiting my husband's family. We were there about a year ago so they could meet Kavi. That trip was only about 12 days total including travel, so this time we get to go longer since my husband had enough vacation time saved up at work. We will stay again at my in-laws "flat" an hour or so outside of the city of Mumbai.

Our estimated traveling time on the way there is about 22 hours, and on the way home about 24 hours. We fly from our airport in Tampa to NJ. Then straight from NJ to Mumbai, India! That's a long, 14 hr+ direct flight. I don't really like flying, but I always make it. hehe. I don't like turbulence!!

After our trip last year I wrote an entry on my other blog(that I never update anymore!). So if you would like to read about it, click here. :) I will share pictures from last year's trip before we go too.
Edited to add one picture.
Me on the last trip, wearing
Indian style clothing.


considerthelillies said...

sure will miss you but I am sure you will have a blast!!

Angela said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy...been out of the blogging world for a lil bit, so you may not recognize me...but your post caught my eye in the dashboard. My husband and I went to India for 2 weeks in 2004, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mamallapuran, and Chennai, I love the spirit of the Indian people we met. I'm Korean and my husband is white and we've also traveled to Asian countries, I liked how everybody talked to me in India, whereas in a lot of Asian countries such as Burma, they talk to the man more. And the food is yummy!

Enjoy, and Bon Voyage :)