Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Pony Ride

Tia mentioned last week about doing a pet themed Flashback Friday today. I have never really been a pet person, so I thought "darn! I don't have any pictures like that". But then I remembered I took a picture of this picture recently (blurry sorry) to use one Friday! It's not my pet, but it's an animal at least.

Sorry about the horrible quality! I am pretty sure this was a pony. I was maybe 9 or 10 yrs old? On this day, we were invited to go over to the house of people we knew from church. They invited a bunch of people over, and us kids got to take a ride on the pony. I didn't grow up riding horses so I am pretty sure I was a little nervous even though it was not a big horse. Someone was in front of the pony, walking slowly and guiding it with reigns.

We attempted pets at different times in my childhood. Me and my sister were always scared of hyper dogs. My dad tried a couple times to bring a dog home but we didn't like it and they'd have to give the dogs to a new home. I remember me and my sis running and jumping onto the couch crying. It was for no reason! But to us it was scary haha. I am allergic to cats(so is my mom) so I never was around them too much unless we were at someone else's house. Then I'd get wheezy, sneezy, and itchy eyes.

We had a cute floppy eared bunny at one time, but it wouldn't really let us pet him! He lived in our back porch and hopped around a lot. Eventually he ate a hole in the screen and would leave during the day and return at night! Then one day, Thumper(how original right? hehehe) didn't return. I wasn't that young by the time that happened. We just always wondered what happened to the poor thing.

We did have hamsters at one time too. We had fish once in awhile too. My dad had birds sometimes. A lovebird once, who flew away when the door opened once, accidentally. :( A cockatiel. Some finches. I think my dad is the only one out of me, my mom, and sis who liked having a pet. I like animals, but I guess I just don't feel like being in charge of one. We have thought of getting a dog one day for Kavi. I don't want to until he is a few years older, IF we do. :P

Join in with us for Flashback Fridays! It's fun!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh I'm so not a dog person either. The bouncing, the licking, the wagging of their tails and then getting smacked by them, the smell... I'm just not a dog person. Thats a shame that you're allergic to cats!! My grandpa is too, and every time hes ever visited, we've had to lock kitty up in the bedroom and clean the entire house as best as we could in order to prevent him from having an asthma attack.

The picture of you on the pony is great. I think the blurry effect gives it character :)

Nen said...

Are you wearing socks?? Or maybe those are just white shoes... lol!!

If you do go for a dog someday... don't go for a little one or a giant one! The little ones can be so YAPPY and jump all over the place. Sure, they are nice for lap dogs... but if I want my dog on my lap, I'll just get on the floor (meaning, I don't care to have my dog on my lap too often)! And the giant ones can reach up on tables and knock stuff over. Labradors are my dog of choice... they are very loyal, have SUCH personality (sweet!), very obedient and a lot of fun! (of course, that is if you train them when they are a puppy). But whatever you decide... I'm sure it will be the right choice! And if you don't get one, I'm sure Kavi will enjoy visiting other people's pets!

Fallon said...

I have a giant breed dog (english mastiff) you may already know this. I have never seen something so gentle around my almost 2 year old nephew. We were worried the first time they the baby could walk.. but Jasper is his best bud. Even when the baby pulls his skin, sticks his hand in his mouth. Jasper just lays down and takes it in. My Akita is a little more interested but still sweet. Little dogs havn't been nice to him. Get a gentle giant, they are the sweetest :)

Christina said...

Thanks for all the dog tips!! That's really great. :)

Devon I think they are white shoes hahaha