Sunday, February 28, 2010

In case you need an umbrella...

1. Umbrellas, 2. #8/365- The red umbrella, 3. umbrellacopy, 4. Untitled

Early yesterday was rainy and the rest of the day was cloudy. We should be having a sunny Sunday but in case you need an umbrella, don't these pictures make umbrellas seem so charming?

We are still having chilly weather in Florida, compared to usual! I really feel this year has been much colder than usual. I have heard that is true from some, and then other people seem to act like that is not the case. But I think so! I enjoy it mostly. I just don't like having cold feet and hands at night and needing to run the heat so much! Looks like the chilly weather is going to continue into the rest of the week.

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