Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday: High School Grad 1998

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This is a group shot of me and most of my girl classmates the day we graduated High School. I snapped a picture of a picture, so it's low in quality. I don't remember how we had a limo, maybe we all chipped in? I don't recall, I just know I would not be paying for a limo on my own! I'm right near the middle in the white shirt and purple skirt.

We met up at our school then rode together to our graduation ceremony(at a local church) and then to the graduation group party afterward.

I graduated from a Christian school in 1998. It was a nice, safe environment. I liked it, because I got to be with so many friends. But don't let that make you think everyone who went there were saints! A friend of mine in this picture just reminded me about how when we were trying to exit our limo two of our guy classmates were mooning us. Icky! hehe

We were a graduating class of 12!! Yes, 12!! This was a new school back then, we were only the second graduating class ever.

I am still friendly with most of the girls in the picture. There is only one girl(far left) that I haven't really seen since High School. The rest I have either seen over the years or am friends with them on facebook. I have to say they were all very nice girls!! I really got lucky in my small class, being with nice people.

(ps I'd like to get back to the weight I was in the picture. I know that's not skinny but I'd be happy with it!)


Casy Schweickart said...

Great pic...looks like a lot of fun!

Christopher And Tia said...

This picture made me feel happy. You all look so cute, and HOT DOG, a limo!! I was never part of a big group of girl friends. I always wanted to be, but my personality wasn't bubbly, and I didn't have the clothes that went along with cliques, ya know? Anyways, you and your friends look like the type of girls that I would have liked to have bonded with back in high school.

Nen said...

I never knew you went to a Christian School.. but I guess there really was no reason for me to know..... but still! You look great in that pic... like your hair! Everyone is so tan!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

What a fun photo! You all look fantastic.

It is so fun to look back at ourselves in college & high school. My sister and & were just talking the other day wishing we were as skinny as we were back then.

(wow, that was a small school! Bet you guys had a great time!)

Christina said...

Haha yeah I guess since we were in Florida, and actually went to the beach back then(now I never go!) I had a nice tan and so did most of the gals.
Tia, aww that is a nice thing to say!
I know we all look a little preppy but I wasn't back then, neither were some of the others-we just had to look nice for graduation. :D

Angela said...

How fun! I don't really talk to any of my HS friends. I am friends with a few on FB but we don't really talk.

I think it is great you are still in touch with them!

And- How cute were you?!