Saturday, January 16, 2010

New items

After my post a few days ago about lack of motivation, I found some! I worked on new jewelry pieces a couple days ago. I have yet to work on any new sewing projects but I will eventually.

I have listed a couple of these so far and will be listing the rest during the weekend.
I have two more necklaces ready but haven't downloaded the pictures yet.

I also wanted to share a picture of some of my Christmas gifts. A cute gnome, awesome locket from my hubby(from Etsy), coolest calendar I've seen(from Anthropologie, given by a friend) which is houses with months on the side of them, and a vintage owl votive holder(from Etsy).
I really want to talk about my new sewing basket. It was from my husband (though I picked it out hehe).

This is an old box I had my pins, some thread, and other junk in:
The box had some items out of it or else it would have looked even worse in there!

Here is my new adorable storage. I finally moved things to it a few days ago.

It matches my blue sewing machine!


Christopher And Tia said...

CAH-YUTE sewing basket!@@

And cute new jewelry! I like the anchor necklace especially :) So glad to hear that you found some motivation!

Angela said...

The new jewelry is fantastic! I love the little sewing basket...and I am looking for the perfect gnome for my craft room- I want one wearing orange and blue. They either seem to where blue and red or green and orange...I always have my eye out though.