Friday, January 1, 2010


We are planning to go to Ikea in Tampa tomorrow(Sat). I don't feel totally good right now but I am hoping that by tomorrow I will feel well enough to go. Kavi is also improving. His energy level is normal(which means HIGH energy hehe). It hardly even went down despite his cough/cold.

My mom is still visiting and yesterday evening we got a surprise knock at the door - it was my dad! He had driven down from Alabama without telling us. My mom was supposed to ride back with friends but my dad couldn't resist coming down too. So now they will go back together on Sunday.

If all goes as planned and I get to Ikea tomorrow, I hope to buy some fabric!! Here's some new, interesting, various fabric from there that I'd like to look at:


Angela said...

I hope you feel well enough to have a great time at IKEA. I have never been to one- but it is a goal!! I just have to find one that is not an all day journey to get to.

31 everything said...

The birdcage one is my fav :) I hope you get to go! I love trips to Ikea!