Friday, January 8, 2010

Flashback Friday!

I know I am not consistent with my flashback Friday participation! I wanted to join in again this week. :)

I wasn't sure what photo to use because I still don't have a lot of old photos on my computer. So I picked one that is of just me, before being a mother.
This was November of 2006, visiting Alabama. We were at Noccallula Falls, and it was more like a trickle instead of a waterfall because they needed rain. My husband took the picture.

I don't know why this picture recently struck me, I was thinking - wow, that was before Kavi, there was actually a time before Kavi? I sometimes think of things as "BK" or "AK", before Kavi/after Kavi. :P

I also like the way my hair looks in the picture, which is funny because I remember that day and I thought I wasn't thrilled with how it was looking. I also look like I am thinking...even though I was just leaning forward so I would be in the shot with the waterfall. That trip was very fun. My family also went and so did a couple friends. It was a visit to the town where my parents now live. It was pretty fall time there.

It's amazing how life changes. We knew we wanted to have a baby sometime soon after this picture. We hadn't started trying just yet, but almost. Life was different in a lot of ways. So fast forward to May 2007, about 6 months later, and I was pregnant after trying for about 5 months.

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Christopher And Tia said...

Isn't it crazy different we feel before/after we've had kids? Soemtimes I see old pictures of myself and don't even recognize who I possibly could have been. I feel like my purpose in life was to be a mother.

I like this picture a lot. Even though the waterfall is only a trickle, its still beautiful.

Nen said...

first thing i thought... your hair looks great!!

i hope to some day be able to have those moments of wondering what life was before i had kids!! :)

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

This is lovely. It is so hard for me to remember that time before my son was born... I think I had better hair days then too.

AlyGatr said...

How funny...I look back at MOST of my pictures and remember at the time how much I hated my hair :) In retrospect, I look back and realize it was never so bad as I thought. Ah...BC (before children)...I think I still remember that...I think.