Friday, July 24, 2009

Mineral Make Up

I am posting this ahead of time and have it scheduled to post in the morning. I am up late waiting for the family members that are going to be visiting this weekend! They should be here soon(it's after midnight Thurs!). I won't have much time to write while they are here so I am getting this done now.

I ordered a sample pack of 10 mineral eye shadows from For $1.50 you get the sample, and it came with LOTS of freebies. I couldn't believe it!!! Free lip gloss, lip stick, and eye shadow primer samples. Free face powder samples. And extra eye shadow samples. OH and a free eye shadow applicator and lip brush. Can you believe how much I got for $1.50 + $1.25 shipping?

It arrived in the mail and I had fun going through every color and testing it on the top of my hand. I was very happy with the tones of most of the colors. Sometimes a color looks vibrant until you test it and it gets dull looking when not in the container with the rest.

I picked ten colors.
Cherry Bomb, Midnight Plum, Olive U, Deep Mauve, Moss, Smolder, Ocean Green, Swiss Chocolate, Pearl Gray, and Subdued.

So far my favorite is "Swiss Chocolate". I also love "Moss", "Olive U" and "Deep Mauve". I also really like "Twilight", an extra eye shadow sample that was sent.

I highly suggest trying out the samples. I definitely will want to buy some full sizes very soon. The seller also sent an awesome coupon and it says I can share it with friends and family. So friends I share this with you...Buy One, Get One 50% OFF discount valid until August 15th at theallnaturalface!! Just put "BOGO" in notes to seller on Etsy checkout!!

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Renee[Q][C] said...

Wow thanks for the great info. I have been wanting to get some mineral makeup for some time now!