Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favorite smells...

Some of my favorite smells...Lemons, Roses, Coffee, and Cinnamon(below are flickr finds that express these!).

1. Faking it.., 2. smaller version of Pink Roses in aqua urn, 3. cinammoon rolls, 4. I made this cup of coffee and it danced for me, 5. Lemon Love_Affair, 6. Vintage Rose Handkerchiefs

I am editing to add more to this post! I was very excited to sell two items on Saturday at The Cozy Nest. Someone bought the lemon pillow cover! I am happy it will have a home. It is going to California. I notice a lot of my items that have sold lately are heading to different cities in CA, that is cool. The opposite coast! And the postal service has been very fast, getting things across the country in two days most of the time.

Also a sweet person I know through cyberspace, who LOVES squirrels, bought my newly listed "Squirrel and Tree Stump" pillow! That was great. I am always encouraged when something sells.

I received in the mail today delicious smelling soap I ordered on sale from, Lemon Sugar Cookie scent. Mmmmm.
And it came with a whole free lip balm! "Butter cream" scented lip balm. I'm telling you, it also smells so delicious!!! I highly recommend the lip balm. The soap I also recommend but I don't know if they have any Lemon Sugar Cookie soap left! :( I got it for 2.40 + 1.25 shipping. A Christmas in July deal, you better go check it out! I first read about the sale at I ordered it late Thursday night and it got here today, all the way from Portland, OR!


Erica Leigh said...

mmmm i LOVE the way lemons, coffee & roses smell too (but not together, haha). <3

Toothfairynotes said...

oh I agree... I love the smell and the taste of cinnamon! yummy!