Friday, July 17, 2009

A Firday hello and discount offer!

Hello to the people who recently decided to click the "follow" button for this blog. How very nice of you!! Thank you for following!! :)

I would like to offer a special discount to blog readers here! This weekend, today through Sunday night, receive 10% off your order at either of my shops!! Just write "blog reader" in message to seller. I can refund you the money through paypal, or ask for a revised invoice before paying.

I thought I would just write a little about some ideas I am working on. It'd probably be good if I finished up all the pending ideas first, but I always try to do a bunch of different things at once. I think most of us have to! I recently purchased silver plated bobby pins to decorate and sell at coffeeandcream. I hope to have a couple pairs listed soon. We'll see.

Also I would like to add some rings and brooches. Still working on that, mostly in my mind! In other words, I don't have the supplies to actually make them yet. I keep looking at the different designs for ring bases and haven't decided yet.

Here are a couple items I recently listed for sale:

Have a happy friday!!!!!


Kara Witham said...

I'm lovin those rose earrings. I haven't seen anything like those, on my shopping list now...Etsy is dangerous!

I found your blog by browsing Lauren Alexander's followers.
She's generously donated one of her prints for a Giveaway on my blog. When you have a moment, come check it out on my blog here:

Have a lovely week,
Kara Witham

Nina said...

What a beautiful blog and such wonderful stores! Your pictures are clear, crisp and inviting! Great job!