Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Jewelry Project

So last week my mom had been visiting, and then more family came to visit over the weekend-my dad, my sister, and a friend who is like a sister.

I decided to ask my sister Jenny, friend Rachel, and mom to pick out items that they would like me to put together for a jewelry piece which I wanted to name it after them. So that was fun. On Saturday night I pulled out my supplies and they looked through and fiddled around with their ideas until they came up with something they wanted me to make.

I still need to take pictures of one of the pieces, but here are two of them.

The Jenny Necklace, brass leaves, red flower, small accenting bead

Darlene earrings, gold leaves with small blue flowers
They are both listed now at coffeeandcream! I will be adding the third soon.

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