Monday, July 13, 2009

Girly Plaid

plaid by ChristinaD featuring Forever21

I'm loving the plaid look with feminine details. All the above shirts are from Forever21 and Faith21(the extended sizes section of Forever21 which is newer!!). I don't actually own any of these, but I want to!! I think my favorite is the shirt on the lower left side. I wanted to go see what the Faith21 section of Forever21 was like in a Tampa mall, but we also went to IKEA that day and were too tired to go to another large shopping area. So I still have to get there sometime. It's about an hour away from where I live.

I have more things to post today but I will have to come in a little while to post them. Need to do some Kavi(son) related things and get myself ready for the day, too! :)


Avlor said...

Oh I love these darling plaid shirts (and dress)! ♥ plaid!

considerthelillies said...

beautiful shirts! jenny was looking at old pics of me from late 70's and I was wearing plaid shirts in like three of them!

Nancy said...

Cute shirts!

Nancy said...

Oh and I'm excited about faith 21, I was going to say, it sucks because it's hard to find something that fits at forever 21

Christina said...

I agree, I really want to see what Faith21 items they have in stock in Tampa!