Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coming soon...

My mother arrived last night for a visit, which is always nice! This Thursday night, late, my sister, friend and father will be arriving to visit as well. My mom got a chance to come down earlier by hitching a ride with good friends of ours who were heading down here to Florida for an unexpected trip. Unfortunately someone we all knew for years, though I had not seen him for many years now, passed away recently, so they came down for the service.

But back to my mom's visit, it will be a nice few days! And then this weekend will be filled with lots of fun with the whole family.

Coming very soon at my shops...
More earrings at CoffeeandCream!
More Pillow Covers at TheCozyNest!

New items' pictures have been taken, but I still need to fully edit them and create listings.

I have two Anna Maria Horner Fabric pillow covers on sale for $13 each at The Cozy Nest.
Fabric is "Small Gathering, in azalea". I had the pleasure of selling a few items in this shop since Friday night. Always encouraging to sell!!
Very excited about a certain pillow cover I'll be listing, which has retro sewing ads made into a comic book looking fabric!!! I almost don't want to part with it. But I can always order more. ;)

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