Saturday, July 25, 2009

International food!

Having a nice time with the family! Later today we are all going for Thai food. I love Thai food! I like lots of different kinds of foods. Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Greek and so on. Yesterday we had some Greek at a local places called Greek City Cafe and I am so glad we have them here! They had a special- $4.95 for falafel in a pita plus a side. It is a delicious falafel, and very very big! We can't get falafel very easily around here.

I love food and am not afraid to admit it!

Like many other Americans, I am a "mut" in terms of the nationalities that make me. From my mother's side of the family comes Ukrainian and Czech. I don't often meet people with those. From my father's side comes Italian, Scottish, English and possible sprinklings of other European countries all mixed together. Something a lot of people I know have in them. Now my husband is from India so he is Indian(not native american "Indian" haha I wish people wouldn't get confused). I heard from a friend about someone they knew who said they have had Indian food before---corn. Hmmm! Well they must be missing out on some yummy Indian food like from INDIA. :P
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