Friday, August 5, 2011

What a Thursday!

Thursday was a very good day!
But first let me go back a couple of days...

Kavi and I drove up to AL on Tuesday and we made it fine! I drove all the way, we didn't make a million stops, and it went well. Kavi is a very good traveling buddy! It took us 10 hours total including stops, which isn't fabulous, but it always takes us about 9.5-10 hours.

Wednesday we went out for Thai food for lunch, and mostly relaxed around the house. I got to say hi to a bunch of our friends who live there.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the first official day of The World's Longest Yard Sale! And also, me and my mom planned to meet our blog friend Angela! Her husband Aubrey also came, and they had driven over from MS to follow some of the world's longest yard sale route from here and north.

We invited them to my parents' house early in the morning, and so they also got to meet my dad, sister, and our friend. We all had a wonderful time! We talked for a long time, waiting while there was on and off rain for hours. We felt like we had already known them (in real life) for years! Eventually my sister Jenny and friend Rachel had to go to work, and my dad left for work too but was back after a little while because of the rain.

Aubrey took this picture of us talking around the table!
My dad took this one of us three on my cell phone:
So then all of us(except Jenny and Rachel) headed to the beginning of the yard sale even though it was still drizzling and lightly raining on and off. But we had umbrellas and some bought ponchos!
Angela, in her poncho (hehe), is checking out items in what looked a little like a gypsy wagon.
Full of old goodies.

Pictures from our last stop (well Angela and Aubrey continued but we went back home with Kavi after this stop so he could play with his toys).
We survived the hair ruining rain, my mom's umbrella falling apart, and a little mud. If Aubrey and Angela pass by here again on their way home, we will probably get to see them again!

I bought myself only one thing at the yard sale. A really cute shelf that I need to take a picture of still! And I bought Kavi a Thomas the Train building, where the trains go to "sleep". Me and my mom might stop by the yard sale again sometime over the weekend since it's not far from here.


Fallon said...

Ohh how exciting! I would love to go to such a yard sale. That home in the top photo is fantastic!

beka said...

that looks like tons of fun! wow:)

Lucy The Valiant said...

World's Longest Yard Sale! I've wanted to go to that FOREVER! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Angela said...

YAY! So much fun! We are totally coming back for it again next year!! I LOVED getting to meet y'all and wish we could have spent a little more time together.