Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Favorite Shop

A favorite local shop of mine here when I visit in Alabama is The Cozy Nest. I have talked about it in the past, but I don't remember how long ago! (hey remember, that's also one of my shop names on Etsy) ;)
Adorable window display, on the right.
And on the left side, there were children's items and this adorable truck shelf. Well, I bought that shelf for Kavi!
Scenes throughout the store:
I just love the items and the way they are displayed. And for painted/distressed/vintage furniture pieces, all cleaned, painted and ready to place in your home, you can find some good prices. A bunch of us went there on Sunday and we all walked out with items! Some large and some small. My sister bought a nightstand with drawers, my friend bought a desk/vanity set and a chair, another friend bought a bench, I bought the shelf, my mom bought a kid's chair for Kavi (and toy cars!), and there were a few other small things purchased.


beka said...

aw, that truck shelf is such a cute idea!

Angela said...

That shop is TOO cute! I will have to come days early the next time so I can visit all the neat local places and eat some local food!!

Fallon said...

What an adorable shelf! I'm a gown woman but I'd even like it! Thats a great shop, thanks for sharing :)