Saturday, August 6, 2011

My cute shelf

I finally took pictures of the shelf I bought at The World's Longest Yard Sale! I love it. It was $6. My mom thought it was a good price. My dad thought I could have haggled it down. But I am not good at haggling yet and I just wanted that shelf! $6 sounds good to me. ;)

I am still away visiting my family of course, so I will have to wait until I am back home to put it up somewhere. It reminds me of being in a cozy mountain lodge like Timberline Lodge in Oregon or Lake Guntersville Lodge here in Alabama.

I will paint it white or maybe aqua or some other fun color.

What color would you paint it? :)


beka said...

white on a dark wall would be stunning.
hmm. grey or white?? depends on the color of the wall you plan to put it on.
it's a great idea, that shelf! my brother, ben, could make things like that! scroll saw and everything...pretty awesome:)

Angela said...

HI! I forgot to tell you that I saw a similar but larger version of this shelf in TN the next day. It had a fox on it instead of a deer BUT I could not find who was in charge of the booth :( I was going to stop back by and get it for you but apparently my ADD got in the way b/c I am just now remembering that I never stopped back by.