Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Loot & Yellow Watermelon

The World's Longest Yardsale ended last Sunday, but yesterday and today the town here has been having a sidewalk sale. There wasn't actually a lot set up yesterday when me, my mom, and Kavi walked around the downtown.

But I still got some goodies. And my mom bought them all for me, very nice of her!
Set of four teacups and saucers. $12 for set.
Each cup has a different bird on it.
I only got picture of these two birds though, oops.
Like new sandals, in my size(not the easiest to find, I have big feet :p). $3
Picnic basket marked $2, got it for $1.

And this morning my dad came back from going to a flea market with a yellow watermelon. I have never heard of yellow watermelon until today. And it was nice and sweet!! Still green on the outside but honey yellow on the inside.


Angela said...

I seriously think I am still thirsty from all of the TWLYS-ing!! That watermelon looks so yummy! Cute sandals!!

Fallon said...

Cute teacups!