Saturday, July 30, 2011

Me talking

So...I haven't made a real "vlog" with my face in it, but the other day I took a short video of some wall decor to show a friend and thought I would share it here too. You can hear me yapping while I talk about what's on the wall. I sounded a little congested still and breathy, but I am putting it up anyway! :p I find talking to a camera awkward still.
My most recent item to hang on the wall is a large frame with four colorful postcards I got while we were in Oregon. I thought they matched my living room very well and I like how it looks!


considerthelillies said...

cute vlog STINA!

beka said...

ah, i love it!
i have a stuffy nose right now too. :P blech.

i really like the postcard art! that's awesome!

you should totally try a real vlog sometime. ;) you're cute!

Angela said...

What a cute little voice you have :) I can't wait to meet you this week!!! I am nervous! --don't know why!! Yay!! So much fun!