Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures- mostly food!

Pictures of some of the things I have eaten while visiting my family, coffee, and shoes. Phone pictures...ehh.
California rolls, mmm.
Sitting on the curb during the city's First Friday during the evening, finishing a Philly cheese steak ;)

Using their Tampa mug, in Alabama.
Ooh tacos! I think these are the real kind. Shredded beef, onions, and cilantro in doubled up corn tortillas.
Shoes I bought at Target because they were cute but also very comfortable!
I love the handle on this mug. And my mom has such cute house decor.


Angela said...

Your mom DOES have cute home decor!! The food all looks so good! I hope the next time we visit we will have a chance to eat together. We mostly grabbed fast food stuff this trip but I would love to try some "local flavor"

cute shoes - btw

beka said...

the tacos are tempting me SO bad.
adorable coffee mug! loveit!