Thursday, August 25, 2011

A whirlwind

We finally got home Tuesday night, after midnight, from visiting my family! The trip kept getting extended and it was a lot of fun! My husband was able to come up at the end of the trip and drive back with us.

So yesterday morning back at home, I opened up a new coffee grinder and a can of whole bean coffee, mmmm. Even though my blog has coffee in the title, I didn't have a working coffee grinder! I had gotten one years ago at my bridal shower(7 years ago!) and it died probably 3-4 years ago. And I didn't get myself a new one. Why? I don't know!! So I noted how delicious the freshly ground coffee tasted and smelled at my parents' house, so my sister bought me a new one. How sweet, right? And I bought a can of whole bean coffee from Whole Foods, and it didn't cost a million dollars! $4.99, that's all! :) For "Three Beans Coffee" brand, dark roast.
Yesterday me and Kavi were stuck at home all day because my husband had to use the car to go to work. He had driven his car down to Tampa to park it for his one way flight up to AL a few days ago. So we had to go get his car last night. It was tiring to have a drive an hour away after getting home late the night before, but we ate at a fun restaurant and made it a little outing.

Now I have my car to use, and maybe we will go to Target in a little while.

I have even more I could write, but need to go finish some things now.


Angela said...

I know you probably miss your Mom and Dad but it has to feel nice to be back home with Suj! I was hoping you could get settled in and not get evacuated as soon as you got home!

beka said...

ahh, there's nothing better than opening a new thing of coffee beans and grinding them for a fresh brew...
and 4.99? sweet price!!

glad you made it home safely:)

tinajo said...

I´d love a grinder, maybe I should get one and stop just thinking about it..?! Nice blog you have! :-)

thestoryofkat said...

O I don't think I could live without my coffee grinder..I guess that is when it is classified as an addiction? hehe, ENJOY!