Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

9x12 photograph from SouthernHippie

I am in a organizing mood. Yesterday certain things in the house were bugging me, so we started redoing some of our organization areas. My sewing/craft table had gotten really bad before we went to India and it looked like a crazy mess. I couldn't handle it any longer! I actually started working on condensing everything into smaller spaces and put the long table everything was on back into the garage.

Is it spring that triggered this? The whole spring cleaning thing? I don't really think so. What did it was a mix of being in India and just getting fed up with clutter. At my in-laws flat in India, 5 people lived there in a two bedroom place(one of my sis-in-laws moved out since getting married now). Yet they don't have a big clutter problem. They keep things well organized. They don't have closets in the bedrooms. Instead they had to buy one big closet-like cabinet for each room. And I am amazed at how many things they store in those, all organized well inside.

When I came back home I wondered again why only 3 of us, in a house bigger than my in-law's flat, have SO MUCH stuff. Stuff stuff stuff! I am sick of stuff! I only want useful items and decor that doesn't turn into piles. How did we accumulate so much in six years of marriage? I do think most of it accumulated once we had a child, because that brings new furniture, gadgets, and too many toys!

Yesterday we even dealt with a small hallway closet that has been out of control for awhile. The space was being wasted by things that we didn't even need, like empty boxes. A month ago we had to have someone come into the house and look at things(part of our ongoing process with insurance I mentioned before). I was so embarrassed when he opened that closet! But now it is no longer the closet that things might fall out of when you open it! It looks much better and I was able to store some pillows in there.

Our bedroom is another place that has gotten crazy. I don't have room for all my clothes, which is weird since I don't even feel like I have tons and tons of clothes. So much sits in baskets due to lack of drawer space and even closet space. We need another dresser or something. But what I would really like to get eventually is something like this wardrobe from IKEA.

My parents left to go back to Alabama yesterday. It's good for me to keep my mind occupied now so I don't feel sad or lonely! So this week I will try to keep up with the organizing.


Chana said...

AH!! I'm so jealous! I want to clean so bad but have no ambition:) Good luck to you girlfriend!

Beka said...

i was organizing my stuff and clothes today. soooo happy, it's streamlined again! i love organized things. yes. it brings peace. hehe:)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Good for you! I am constantly fighting clutter and stuff, and I won't claim that I win most of the time!