Tuesday, March 15, 2011

B&W Here and There

I thought it'd be fun to contrast style between here and India during the 40's/50's.

While what was considered glamorous or normal day to day wear here, was a totally different thing in India.
Women in riding clothes; vogue article
1. Oldies, 2. 1951 Vogue Pattern Magazine, Summer, Lanvin

Several Bollywood actresses in India in the 1940's.

In India in the 1950's, Madhubala was a famous actress. If you look at the first pic on her wikipedia page, she is wearing more of a western style look. But below she is wearing a saree in the first two pictures that were taken candidly, and is wearing other traditional clothes in the bottom still shots from films. (sarees or lehenga cholis, I can't tell)

1. Madhubala - Rare candid photo session, 2. Madhubala - Rare candid photo session,
3. Madhubala, 4. 05

The differences that would exist between a dinner party/special gathering, here and there.
1. Faculty Reception (1950-51)2. President's Independence Day reception 1950 New Delhi

I played with the retro camera app on my phone while in India(and while bored one day). Here's my contribution to black and white, 2011! Though they don't look like 2011.

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considerthelillies said...

loved seeing all these pictures from old times in India, very glamorous!