Monday, March 7, 2011

Lots to share, so little time

It's almost 11pm here and I am really tired. But I wanted to share a peek into what's been going on here! These are my hands, with drying henna on them.
I got Mehndi done the day before my sister in law's wedding(which was Sunday). I had to keep the henna on my hands for two hours. Once the henna got scraped off the coloring was rusty orange. But by this morning, two days later almost, it's dark brown in color! I think it's going to last at least 10 days more!

I'll share more pictures soon.


Stunning- said...

I've always wondered how henna was done - super cool!

Angela said...

That is beautiful! My goodness what talent that must take! Is there a meaning behind it or is just like an accessory? (You can answer when you get back home - I know it is hard to keep up through a phone :) I enjoyed Friday's photos- it looks like everything is a hustle bustle :)

Beka said...

that is awesome.
ours has only ever turned out so-so. not a really dark brown, either. :(
eh, whatever. it is fun, for what it's worth:)

your hands are beautiful!!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous, I love Mehndi!