Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oooh, inspiration

If anyone else is familiar with last summer's(summer I think?) HGTV Design Star, you'd know that Emily Henderson won and got her own show Secrets from a Stylist. I wanted her to win! I like her style not only in decor but how she dresses. I want her clothes! I have missed the episodes of her new show but I hope to catch up online.

Emily figures out people's style preferences and gives them more than one option for a room redo! As it says better on HGTV: "Designer Emily Henderson layers different design styles to create stunning rooms tailored perfectly to each homeowner's style."

Look at these rooms!

A living room, before:
And two different "afters".
Look 1:
Look 2:

A different living room, before:
Afters, Look 1 also showing dining space:
Look 2:
And in case you think her style is all girly, take a look at these other designs:

All room photos are from here, on HGTV.com.


Beka said...

ack, that's awesome!
i think i really like the blue version of the first re-do. :) pretty sweet!

Angela said...

OMG LOVE her style!! I have been meaning to tivo her show - I have not seen it either! But, West Elm talked about loving the show on their Facebook so that is a good sign! She was also my favorite last year. But whatever happened to that girl who won the 2nd one - Jennifer Bertrand -- did she not get her show?

considerthelillies said...

I know Angela I guess something went screwy with jennifer!
Stina, I love the before and after pics and her wardrobe too. I saw the room with the oink stuff and even though I am not crazy about pink I thought the room looked so warm and inviting!